I’m sharing excerpt workshops from the wildly popular Private Yoga Teacher Summit throughout the next few months. This workshop is brought to you by Cailen of Calm Biz. Cailen talks about clarity + confidence + you guessed it, niching! 

All businesses start with a WHY and a WHO. As a private yoga teacher it’s key to know who you help best and how — that’s where creating your niche comes in. Cailen talks about the what, why, and how as it applies to niching your private yoga teaching practice.



1:49: What a niche is and why it matters for us

6:18: The Yoga AND equation and some examples that could help you stand apart from other teachers

10:30: Reflection topics to consider when narrowing down your niche

14:09: Tips to understand what clients or students you love to work with

17:48: “Yoga Niche Side Dish”


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