Private yoga lessons can transform your client’s life and your yoga teaching practice. And yet, privates remain one of the yoga industry’s best kept (age old) secrets.

You likely didn’t learn much in the way of 1:1 work in your 200 hour training. And now that you’ve taught a lesson or two (to your neighbor?) you’ve decided it’s time to show up for your clients 100%, find a few more just like ’em, and start to focus on doing more of this 1:1 work that you are realizing you love. And you are wondering: “How do I translate what I know when it comes to teaching groups into private work and what about all of that ‘other’ stuff like money + sales talk, marketing, and methodology for first sessions, sequencing, and following up for my future new students?”.

Been there. And I want to teach you…

  • How to capitalize on your you-ness so you stand out in a sea of yoga teachers and are able to confidently talk about, package, and sell your private yoga lessons
  • The methods for finding long-term private clients that are ready to commit to the customized plan (yes – including homework!) that you design uniquely for them
  • How to tie together what you already know about teaching yoga and highlighting your strengths and strategies within the context of private yoga lessons plus the addition of a few private session specific teaching tips and techniques that all practitioners need in their toolbox
  • All of the subtleties of teaching private yoga sessions from setting up first sessions, to creating thorough in-takes and assessments, to sequencing to the individual client, to creating paperwork and homework, to navigating the vulnerability, professionalism, and teacher-client boundaries that are key to client and practitioner success

Ready to learn the art of teaching private yoga?


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The toolbox gets you started teaching private yoga like the passionate, professional private yoga teacher you are. We cover four modules on teaching 1:1 sessions that are designed to refine your teacher-to-student process and impact while focusing on sequencing, homework, lesson design, and biz items that will set you apart.


Online and in-person intensive training for the private yoga teacher ready to make money, develop teaching confidence, and create their dream teaching practice built upon the methods and processes that I used to build my private teaching practice and since have taught to hundreds of yoga teachers across the globe. It’s business bootcamp meets intentional private yoga teaching technique meets innovative 1:1 lesson design. It’s a group experience catered to you.


The bible of private yoga teaching technique and business know-how. Get all of my best tips, tricks, and technical knowledge about how to structure your 1:1 lessons and build a business filled with pleased private clients.