The Stair Step Strategy contains the intentional design of a step-by-step process that outlines how you assist students to provide them ultimate value through one-on-one sessions.

Here is how it works.  

As you begin to consider the ways you want to move students through your stairs, don’t lose sight of the entire staircase.  

  • Where do most people organically start/enter the staircase?
  • Where you want most individuals to work towards?
  • What falls between these two points?
  • How does each stair ensure that the next step has continuity?

As you begin to work on your unique Stair Step Strategy, use this template (below and in the downloadable worksheet) as your guide.  

Step 1:

Lowest entry point that serves as a feeder into your paid offerings

Example: Social media engagement

Step 2:

Smallest investment of time, money, energy

Example: Drop-in group yoga class

Step 3:

Medium level commitment – exploration phase: is this for me?

Example: Focused workshop

Step 4:

Step towards 1:1 engagement and longer term work

Example: Smallest private yoga package

Step 5:

Highest end offering – you want to graduate people to this level over time and with trust

Example: Largest private yoga package