The Art of Teaching Private Yoga is a book that serves as a guide and mentor, a confidante, and informative page turner with exercises and journaling prompts that double as an exploration for you to carve out your unique approach to teaching private yoga and creating your dream business doing one-on-one work.


  • learn the steps to take during your first private sessions and those thereafter
  • the logistical items that you need in place to get started and the actions to instantly up your pro factor as a private yoga teacher
  •  how to set your prices, create packages that sell, and create a business with private lessons at it’s foundation
  • have insight into creating a plan to consistently find the very clients you’d like to work with week after week through individual sessions

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I bookmarked a ton of pages and can’t wait to carve out time to focus on my why in a more creative way than I have in the past. Really looking forward to spending more time thinking through the chakras and relationship building from there. And journal prompts for every chapter? Be still my heart!
– Abbie Maggied Wilkiemeyer

Kate certainly has a way with words. Anyone who desires to teach private yoga would do themselves a favor to purchase this book. It’s a great read for those who are just getting started as well as for those who think they know everything, but maybe could use a different viewpoint. I’m not even a yoga teacher and I learned so much from this book as far as practicing yoga and creating a client experience.
– Amazon reader

This book is one of a kind. Kate does a great job relating your private yoga business and relationship with your clients using the myakosha model as well as the Chakra system which are essential for any private yoga teacher to know. She outlines a fool proof way to build a clientele and be successful Private Yoga teacher while still giving you room to learn and grow on your own. I highly recommend this book!
– Amazon reader

This woman knows how to teach you to get results. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kate and everything that she puts out into the private yoga teaching world.
– Laura Diaz

Kate’s writing style and energy is not only ever-present in any in-person training, but she does a fantastic job of articulating it through her text. I’ve tip-toed in the private yoga teaching biz, and Kate’s inspiration has always been really helpful to keep going and try something outside of my comfort zone. This book is a great, easy read and very insightful. Definitely recommend all Kate has to offer, and to really try all she suggests – ESPECIALLY if it gets you out of your comfort zone or are just trying to embark on 1:1 training.
– Jamie Rasmussen

Such amazing information! I feel so much more focused on my yoga business after reading this! It made me consider things that I hadn’t before, like finding a dream client and having the confidence to stick to prices that are fair and sustainable. I LOVE that the tedious nitty gritty of yoga biz, such as liability waivers, intake assessments, homework forms, policies, etc, are also included in this book. (Huge help!) This book has helped me focus, working smart (not just hard!) on the road to success in my dream career!
– Amazon reader


Kate Connell is the private yoga teacher’s best friend.

Through individual work and her certification training, The Art Of Teaching Private Yoga, she supports (and cheerleads) private yoga teachers all over the globe to make meaningful change with their private clients. Through strategic teaching technique and private yoga teacher specific biz know-how, she blends together private yoga methodology + marketing to create sustainable and joy-filled private yoga teaching practices.

And we have a ton of fun doing it.