The most important thing about understanding benefits has to do with making sales: People buy the benefit not the feature.

Depending on your approach to yoga teaching and your qualifications, your benefits could include:

  • Management of  (insert something here)
  • Establishment of  (insert something here)
  • Increased or decreased (insert something here)
  • Great sense of (insert something here)

Consider the following examples:

  • Management of stress
  • Establishment of  pre-natal yoga practice
  • Increased flexibility of lower body
  • Decreased back discomfort
  • Great sense of relaxation and breathing techniques

If people buy the benefit and not the feature, why do we have features at all? Let’s talk about that on this weeks episode!

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The Short & Sweet:

1. Understanding the potential outcome clients have as a result of working with you

2. The importance of giving yourself room to offer value but not overstating the benefits of private yoga lessons

3. Learning to put into words what clients can expect from working with you and turning that into a selling point

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